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About Astraa

Saama brand, accelerating data services and solutions from 25 years of D&A pedigree

Our Story

With our niche in Data & Analytics, we always thrive for speed & specificity. In the last 25 years, we have strategized & executed over 2,000 Data & Analytics projects across 150+ Customers with an average tenure of over 8 years representing 5 industry domains. Astraa as part of Saama has leveraged the latest technologies with deep partnerships with database, data management, governance, quality, and analytics vendors. Going beyond just a paper partnership, we have built IP and efficiency tools around the vendor stack in the spirit of true and deep partnership.

Post Series B funding for Saama, we had the opportunity to envision our future strategy through a fresh lens. One of the key outcomes of our strategy exercise is to provide a deeper focus, specificity & autonomy in execution for our business units outside of the Life Sciences domain; which includes Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, Consumer Goods, HiTech & Public Sector domains. Astraa, a Saama brand evolved to focus on solutions & services for the aforementioned industries while continuing to leverage 25 years of Data & Analytics pedigree.

Our Commitments

Customer Collaboration

Meet the needs and expectations of customers. Align with forward-looking solutions that generate exceptional value.

Continual Innovation

Focus on continuous innovation through learning and development with the commitment to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and approaches.

Profound Integrity

Commit to honesty, transparency and ethical conduct in all aspects of the business, including the handling of customer data.

Highly Responsive

Respond with agility and adaptability to meet changing customer needs and market conditions.

Domain Specificity

Deliver high-quality solutions that are accurate, reliable and useful to customers with deep data domain specificity.

Astraa can help you in attacking data silos, synthesize & accelerate Insights.

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