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Asset Management

Institutional investors often face a complex and challenging landscape when it comes to managing their portfolios. Asset Managers manage complex assets with the pressure of improving efficiency and reducing risk. In addition to making investment decisions, they perform a number of operational tasks to ensure that the portfolio is being managed effectively. These tasks can include data aggregation, reconciliation, accounting, and reporting, among others.

An integrated system that provides data aggregation from multiple sources, transparent reconciliation, and regulatory reporting.

Managing complex assets can create inefficiencies and lead to errors, as information may be siloed and there may be a lack of integration between different systems and processes. Some investors choose to outsource these infrastructure tasks to third parties in order to streamline their operations, but this can also create additional disconnects and complexities.

OneView, an Asset Management solution, is a scalable, unified data platform that provides a single, consistent “source of truth” for key functional domains. The platform helps asset managers to better understand their data and make more informed decisions by providing a comprehensive view of all relevant data in a single location. Not just that, but it comes with a suite of canned reports covering investment and performance reporting, and a reconciliation platform to fix data differences across source systems.

  • In-built pipelines that address data acquisition from multiple investment management platforms and market data vendors.
  • Unified data model to facilitate data integration and consistency.
  • Data Dictionary and Lineage provide a strong foundation for data governance process, proper data management and accountability.
  • Standardized role-based access controls are in place to ensure data security.
  • Interactive business rules interface allowing users to capture configurable reference and master data.
  • Operations monitoring reports reducing support efforts for maintenance of the data hub.

With OneView, the new middle office gets a new makeover with improved risk management, enhanced compliance, increased efficiency and better data management.

Centralized Data Repository

Are you looking to improve the performance of your investment portfolio? Our solution is specifically designed to help asset managers leverage the power of data to drive better outcomes. Our platform combines advanced analytics with intuitive visualizations to provide a clear view of the portfolio and the market. Our solution helps make more informed investment decisions, optimize the portfolio, and drive better returns.

Security Master

Asset managers often need to aggregate financial instrument master data from multiple market data providers in order to make informed investment decisions, support their downstream systems and data consumers. We help firms to achieve complete and accurate security master data.


Reconciliation is important for ensuring that positions and valuations are accurately reflected in the accounting and investment books of record. OneView offers automated reconciliation that can improve the efficiency and accuracy of the reconciliation process by automating tasks and identifying discrepancies automatically.

Our Experts

Sumit Satsangi

Senior Consultant, Analytics


Tanya Tewary

Principal Engineer, Data & Analytics