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Modern Data Hub

Cloud has revolutionized many companies. Be the next change. No lengthy process, demo, and implementation cycles. Just connect, click and go!

In this digital era of business, modern data platform powered by digital transformation revolution, is becoming the ultimate answer to all data and decision-making problems.

Our Modern Data Platform can build one central platform that combines structured & unstructured data needed for operational reporting and raw data needed for deep analysis to make data-driven decision-making for enterprises.

Give an Edge to Your Business and Stay Competitive

The right technology can make the difference between being the market leader and not making the yearly projections. Choose the right mix of technological excellence and domain expertise to keep you ahead in the game with Astraa.

Our services help you to

Modern-Data-HubIdentify the business
objectives and use cases
Assess the current state
of the data landscape
Develop the
data strategy
Communicate and
align with stakeholders
Define the data
vision and goals
Create the
data roadmap


  • Understanding the business objectives
  • Identify the specific use cases
  • Metrics – operational efficiency, customer experience, risk management.

Transformation Goals

  • Define a clear vision
  • Set specific, measurable goals
  • Data quality, increasing data availability, or reducing data-related costs.

Build a Strategy

  • Data governance, architecture, integration, analytics and management.
  • Codeless Integration
  • CI/CD/CT

Execution & Adoption

  • Execution Roadmap
  • Stakeholder participation & Data democratization
  • Guided / Self Serve BI

Our Experts

Adarsh Singh

Lead – Data Engineering

Anupam Kushwah

Technical Architect, Data & Analytics