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Insurance Industry

Insurance is a competitive business with regulated services that requires effective operational management & strategy to ensure optimal risk management. Diverse data sources serve as fuel for acquiring, augmenting & retaining customers and will enable the best experience for members. Modern data & analytics can work as an engine to unlock valuable insights across all insurance business functions. The streamlined data engine helps insurers to get the data on-demand.

Property and Casualty

P&C insurance analytics help insurers make more informed and data-driven decisions about the risks they are taking on, which can help them to better manage their exposures and improve financial performance.


Leverage analytics for Facultative & Treaty contracts for better Risk Modeling, Portfolio Analysis, Capital Management & Claim trends.


Data driven analytics from a variety of data sources, such as marketing, sales, claims, policyholder, clinical, and external data on factors that may impact the health risks being insured.

Life & Annuities

Increase the use of data to optimize underwriting and risk management, thus enabling Insurers to improve the accuracy of risk assessments and to identify potential areas of risk.

Accelerating Outcomes Driven by Digital Data Transformation

Astraa has the experience and broad digital expertise to help insurance companies breed agility, creating and delivering seamless digital services for customers and new income streams across businesses.

Need Help with Tracking the Liable Party and Loss Recovery

Next Level Claims Processing by Early Subrogation Identification. We are making AI a reality for early subrogation detection and recover loss through the power and promise of insurance claims data.

Our Experts

Varun Chutani

Principal Consultant, Insurance Solutions


Jagan Santhanam

Delivery Director, Data & Analytics