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Consumer Goods

Validated by Category Managers at Global Top CPG companies, our platform uses the power of AI & Advanced Data Analytics to understand Promotion Performance, recommend end-to-end Promotion Plans & Trade Spends for better ROI. And more importantly, being used by Top CPG companies.

Marketing and sales strategies are becoming more customer-centric, and due to digitalization, online sales channels are reporting significant growth, yet many consumer goods manufacturers continue to use traditional trade promotions as an important tool to promote their products and boost sales in physical and online retail. Trade promotion represents an important cost factor, and using modern technologies is not an option anymore. Most FMCG companies still can’t validate such a huge expenditure because they can’t gain any transparency, yet promotion costs still remain the second highest expenditure.

Are you able to…

  • Optimize sell-out
  • Minimize cannibalization
  • Decide product-mix

Leverage new technologies and analytics to optimize the impact of trade promotions on sales and profitability

SpendO is your go-to-platform for measuring promotion effectiveness.

Validated by category managers at Top Global CPG companies, SpendO uses the power of AI & Advanced Data Analytics in understanding promotion performance and recommends end-to-end promotion plans & trade spends for better ROI.

Our Experts

George Shemas

Partner, Customer Success

Amar Phate

Senior Director, Consumer Goods