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Increase Customer Acquisitions through effective marketing campaigns

Enterprise growth is fueled by new customer acquisitions across multiple channels. Identifying the right Campaign strategy and evaluating campaign performance is critical for the effectiveness & value for money. Our solution for Marketing Campaign Attribution helps you to continuously assess data from various Campaigns which includes advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, direct mail/email marketing, and provides near real time actionable Data Driven Insights.

Campaign Attribution

Our Solution analyzes various touchpoints that potential customer had interacted through campaigns during course of purchase decision. Our solution accelerator derives the Credits based on different touch based attribution credit methods (first, last, linear, time decay), this providing actionable insights and recommendations on Marketing channels (Affinity groups, Direct Marketing, Online Marketplaces, Social Media), Region, Targeted Audience.

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Our Differentiation

Attribution framework comprising complex fuzzy logic

Plug & Play connecters / integration for newer marketing channels

Easily customizable for single touch or multi touch attribution

Leverage existing data to provide insights catering to different roles across organization

Our solution enable Marketers on a data-driven, focussed analytics on customer journey that lead to desirable outcome. Actionable insights on “Next Best Action” & “Campaign strategy refinements” help prioritize & effective utilization of marketing resources.

Marketing Data Hub enabling better outcomes

Does your organization have Campaigns across multiple platforms and Marketing channels?

No worries! We got you,

  • Our solution enables integration of campaign and leads from various Marketing channels.
  • New business or cross/up sell attribution towards Marketing campaigns
  • Unified data hub provides a consolidated view of campaigns to leads to potential or new business

Insights aided by AI/ML

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Our Experts


Nisanth Korrapati

Principal Consultant, Insurance Solutions


Priyanka Chavan

Principal Consultant, Analytics & Automation