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Smart Meta Engine (SME)

SME is a Low Code solution to fast track the Data Modernization Journey through configuring instead of coding, a meta-data driven solution which accelerates the data to be ingested, analyzed, processed, organized and converted to actionable insights. It is the solution that reduces the development time by enabling data with better quality and accuracy. This solution reduces data preparation time for any analytics or reporting by 70-80%.

Why Astraa Smart Meta Engine (SME)

In this era of digital transformation, modern data platform powered by low code/no code solution, is becoming the ultimate answer to all data and decision-making problems.

SME enables to create a self-service platform for various range of users; it empowers business and strategic decisions to be made with accuracy. It focuses on reusability of code and reducing manual interventions and maintenance of the Modern Data Platform. SME is powered by low to no-code base, building a Meta Data Repository for an Intelligent Self Learning Platform to have one view of the data availability with complete accuracy.


Intelligent Platform

Reusability & Scalability

Data Retention

Low Code and Low Maintenance

Data Assets identification & Classification

Privacy/Security & Sharing

Insight Generation

Governance & Data Catalog

Metadata Repository using Automapper

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Our Experts

Senthil Somasundaram

Principal Architect


Sukarnn Taneja

Associate Principal, Data & Analytics